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Yoga Teacher

Because being in flavor of yoga, Tipa began a systematic practice of yoga in 2003. With the gradual understanding of yoga, she found that yoga can bring physical pleasure and mental relaxation. In 2004, after the Asian yoga fitness instructor training, she started teaching in Beijing. Having finished YOGA YARD refresher training in 2008, inspired by yoga practice, she has been greatly improved in teaching. And now she has deeply fallen in love with this style of vinyasa flow Yoga.
    She is currently learning the traditional Chinese health study, in the hope of the perfect integration of China's traditional culture and yoga, and constantly sum up and improve the knowledge of the yoga theory and teaching.
    Tipa believes that yoga is the process of sustainable development awareness. It will bring strength and spirituality in human thoughts, souls and bodies. She is taking efforts for the students to create a safe atmosphere so that we may have conscious breathing in such a cultured atmosphere, and use this way of breathing to guide actions.


Lapis has participated in formal training, with 200 hours U.S. Agency for International Yoga Certificate and 320 hours Inspya (pan-Yoga Institute of the South Pacific) Australian official government certificate. Lapis is a very caring teacher, in the process of the teaching of yoga, she guides practitioners to g listen to their heart, understand the yoga with love, face themselves truly, and find eternal happiness and love! br /> Teaching Style: Flow, Hot, Yin relexation


My yoga practice began in 2003, the original intention of yoga practice are the same with most of you. I hope it can treat injuries, while allowing my body flexible. In addition, at that time, I did not understand the theory of yoga. Now, the first objective was achieved in practice, and more important, when I practice yoga and learn the process of yoga theory, I have had a better understanding of my own.
In 2005, under the guidance and inspiration of my first teacher BILL-ARCE, I began to teach yoga, and left Shanghai in 2005, was invited to come to the beautiful city, Hangzhou, and from then on began a new journey. In 2006 , I went to mysore in India to follow the yoga Postgraduate Masters to learn Ashtanga again.
As a yoga teacher, my original intent was to share the gains in my yoga journey, adhering to long-term exercise may not be simple. But slowly I am confident that this practice will bring us clean, strength, humility and focus.
Teaching Style: Flow, Ashtanga

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